“А business trip ahead? Wonderful! I’ll take the time to bring my creativity to its highest and meet with partners, participate in events and relax.”

If this is how you feel, if you travel a lot and you would like to be really looking forward to your next business trip, hereby we suggest the reasons for you to choose alternative accommodation types like private apartments over the standard hotel stay, and to be able to get the very best of it.
Save Money
Not only private apartments are cheaper but they are also more luxurious and convenient than the usual business hotels! On top, you can invest the difference between the prices in gifts for your family and loved ones, a plan for an exotic holiday or a donation to kids and animals in need. Think about it!
Faster WiFi
You will be the only guest using the WiFi connection and you won’t have to share it with other guests.
Personal touch from your host
You are special because you are the only guest of your host during a particular period of time. That means that your host will answer all your questions and try to meet your needs with more passion and dedication than when you are one of the few hundred anonymous guests in a hotel.
Relaxed feeling and motivation
As you are in an almost home-like atmosphere, you will feel more relaxed and creative, and you will work better than if you stay in a hotel room or a lobby.
A meeting space for your team
Forget about team meetings in cliché lobby bars with expensive coffee and many distractions. If you travel together with your workmates or members of a start up project, you will need some private and quiet space to meet and work, so an apartment with a big dining table and unlimited free treats, coffee and tea would be the perfect place for you.
More space to work and more options to charge your devices
You are free to work all around the apartment no matter if you feel like doing it in the bedroom, the kitchen, or the dining room, wherever you feel most comfortable. You will have much more options compared to a hotel room with a bed and maybe a desk next to a TV.  Plus, you have more plugs and sometimes even free charging cables and stations in handy available in the apartments.
Coffee and tea all the time
Most of the apartments offer free tea and coffe with all the appliances needed to prepare them whenever you feel like, 24/7. You have a private fridge to keep handy your food, ice cream and beer. A glass of wine with a book in your hand or in a nice company on the sofa in your living room would be the perfect ending of a busy day.
Iron and iron board
Both are usually there for you and your mates only, 24/7, without the need to order them in advance or wait for them when you are in a hurry for a meeting.
Use the business trip to relax and have fun
If you travel with nice colleagues, a simple business trip may easily become an interesting vacation with a lot of new discoveries for your mates and a lot of fun while staying in one place, talking to each other, cooking, making coffee or just watching TV together. What would you say about that? Why not get to know each other better outside of the business atmosphere and get closer or even become friends in the meantime?
When you try this once, you won’t get back to the formal business hotels, promise! 🙂