Canape Connection Guest House - Created to inspire travelers

  • Cozy 8-Bed Dormitory
  • Double Economy
  • Summer morning and guests having breakfast in the garden
  • Attic family
  • Bathroom
  • 4 bed private
  • Double Deluxe
  • The TEAM
  • The little charming garden
  • Twin Deluxe

Early 2016 Canape Connection transformed from a hostel into a guest house - the best alternative for the travelers who travel а lot but hide from the craziness of the youth hostels and prefer to share the moments with the beloved one/s.

Retrospectively, the three of us - Nadia, Nadia and Ivo - sharing the same passion for traveling, photography and design, started a hostel in 2009.  Back then we created the hostel we always wished to stay at when traveling. Over the years we gathered life and professional experience and felt the natural urge for a change. The hostel has always been a reflection of ourselves and now, as we evolved, the new concept of our place matches our new path.

Welcome to our freshly renovated house with self designed hand-made beds.  We now offer private rooms suitable for solo travelers or couples, families and friends.


We believe that you, as our guest, will experience and enjoy:

 - Uniqueness and personal touch in the room design.
 - Solid wide wooden beds with queen- or king-size mattresses.
 - Quite backyard for recreation or socializing.
 - Central location in a vivid neighborhood, well connected to public transport, close to landmarks and artistic spots.
 - Quality and healthy cuisine in the nearby traditional, bio-organic, vegetarian or ayurvedic restaurants or tea houses.
 - Fast and reliable WiFi connection.
 - Tips, suggestions and assistance with everything you need during your stay.


You arrive as a guest but you definitely leave as a friend!
Welcome to Canape Connection Guest House!


Nadia, Ivo & Nadia



*** Canapé Connection  is a part of The Ballkan Backpaker network. You get 10% discount in every property part of the network.